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When Should You Call Us?

At the time of death it is important that you contact our experienced staff at Clive Coventry as soon as possible. So as we can guide you through the correct procedures. Our aim is to provide a professional caring service with respect for the deceased and families wishes. We are contactable 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

When a Person Dies At Home

If a family member or friend dies at home, the doctor should be the first person contacted. If the doctor has recently treated the person, and can confirm the cause of death, and is willing to issue a medical certificate of death then the next step is to contact Clive Coventry Funerals. We will arrange transportation of the deceased to our funeral home and take care of all the necessary documentation and assist you with the funeral arrangements.

When a Person Dies In Hospital

When a person passes away in hospital or a nursing home, the doctor or nurse will ensure the paperwork is taken care of, then you can contact Clive Coventry Funerals to organise transportation of the deceased and the necessary funeral arrangements.

When Someone Dies Interstate or Overseas

If a loved one’s death occurs while they are away from home, Clive Coventry Funerals should be notified immediately so that they can assist you to make all the necessary arrangements to transport the deceased home. Our staff will attend to any statutory or custom requirements.

If the deceased is to be sent back overseas to their homeland for burial, please contact us immediately as this can be an involved process dealing with relevant Australian Government departments.

Accidental or Sudden Death

If a person dies suddenly or it is accidental, the death needs to be referred to the Coroner. With the families consent Clive Coventry Funerals will transfer the deceased to the Coroners mortuary.

A cause of death does not need to be determined before contacting Clive Coventry Funerals. We can begin attending to the funeral arrangements according to your needs.