Pre-paid Funerals Print

Planning Ahead

Although we do not like to think about death, the time will come when we require the services of a funeral director. By making the decision to plan for your funeral you can help relieve your family of the responsibility of making funeral arrangements, at a time when they are grieving.

A  Clive Coventry Funerals pre-paid funeral plan can be arranged by anyone, regardless of age or health. Although we are most attentive of the needs of those who have reached retirement age, as a funeral plan is a wise decision for later life.

With a Clive Coventry Funerals pre-paid funeral plan you can arrange the funeral today and pay for it at a fixed present price. You can pay in one lump sum or arrange installments. The money that you pay will be invested (in accordance with Government legislation) until the time comes when your funeral services are required. This is when the funeral director will be paid. Tax is not payable on your investment, as your pre-paid funeral is an asset free investment up to $10000. This may help some people with their eligibility to gain a pension.


Arrangements for Your Funeral

Arrangements can be made for your funeral now, such as pre-purchase of land for the grave, type of service you would like etc. Consideration should be taken when making such preferences for your funeral, so that family members can express their opinion on any changes that may need to take place.

When the time comes, all your family needs to do is contact Clive Coventry Funerals and the arrangements will be carried out according to your funeral plan.